Woodwood grain records the passing of time

Surface marks, nail holes, paint chips and cuts on reclaimed lumber are like battle wounds… giving clues to its past tour of duty. This character adds to its beauty. As a natural material, wood has the ability to compliment metal and “warm it up.”

Leatherthe top grain reveals its quality

Leather is one of the elements that can enhance the appearance of just about anything. Dress it up or keep it casual. Let the colors and textures set the tone. More than wood or metal, leather is tactile. Glide your fingers gently across the surface and let the top grain reveal its quality.

Metalletting the shape of the structure become the key design element

I view metal as possessing both structure and design qualities. Rather than cover it, I like to expose it. Letting the shape of the structure become the key design element. The process of forming metal generates heat… heat creates color. This property is integral to my designs as I can play to both warm and cool steely shades.